Playback bug when ending a bar with a dotted crotchet with swing playback in Musescore

• Aug 5, 2014 - 14:16

While using Musescore I've noticed a very minor bug but I found it a little frustrating so here it is.

If you end a bar with a dotted crotchet and then start the next bar with a note of the same pitch (including enharmonic equivalents e.g Bb and A# etc.) the latter note's rhythmic value is always reduced to a demi-semiquaver (32nd note) when played back in swing quavers in Musescore.

This is not specific to any Key Signature or Time Signature or Instrument (though I've only tried a few).

As far as I have tested, this does not affect exports (.mid or .wav) and only affects playback in Musescore.


There are indeed known issues with the swing implementation in MuseScore 1.3. It handles basic eighth notes well, but all sorts of variations involving dotted quarters, sixteenths, or ties cause problems. I've verified the case you describe is one that does not work.

The new implementation of swing that will be included in MuseScore 2.0 fixes these issues. They haven't been tested a *ton*, so feel free to give a Nightly build a whirl (keeping in mind they are just for testing purposes - still not quite ready for "real" use). Currently in these builds, you access the swing settings from Style / General. It's possible that soon there will be a "Swing" text you add to your score, so you can switch between swing & straight (and even have different staves with different swing settings at the same time).

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