MIDI Output doesn't work

• Sep 25, 2009 - 22:20
S4 - Minor

Tested with Revision 2101:2102M and the stable MuseScore 0.9.5. MIDI Output doesn't work for me on my Kubuntu 9.04 machine. The console prints:

silentcry@silentcry:~/svn/mscore/trunk/build$ mscore
RtcTimer:: fatal error: open /dev/rtc failed: Permission denied
MidiSeq:start(): no midi timer available
Cannot start I/O
sequencer init failed

Steps to reproduce:

1. Mark "MIDI Output" under "Edit | Preferences | I/O"
Note that although enabling "auto-connect" the connection is not made. I did it manually with kaconnect.
2. Restart MuseScore
3. Press play. No output, and the cursor won't move aswell.


On a default Ubuntu installation /dev/rtc0 is owned by root. When I set its ownership to my user account I get this message:

silentcry@silentcry:~/svn/mscore/trunk$ mscore
RtcTimer::setTimerFreq(): cannot set ticks 1024 on /dev/rtc: Permission denied precise timer not available
MidiSeq:start(): no midi timer available
Cannot start I/O
sequencer init failed

And if I start mscore as root, everything works fine. Although it seems to be a bad idea to start mscore with root permissions...

Status (old) active by design

You need the permission to set the timer frequency to 1000Hz or more. For this append the line


to the file /etc/sysctl.conf.

Status (old) by design active

Thanks for your reply, but somehow that command doesn't change anything for me... Could it be possible that the "ubuntu-way" is different? Because /dev/rtc is a symlink to /dev/rtc0. According to chown both have the necessary permissions set... This is really getting strange...

Status (old) active fixed

In the last revisions the midi output has changed. JACK midi is supported which eliminates the need for /dev/rtc.