Issue for adding dynamic changes over one note?

• May 29, 2019 - 21:00

Hi! I was disappointed to read: "Hairpin playback: Crescendo and diminuendo lines only affect playback from one note to the next: they have no affect (currently) on the playback of a single note or a series of tied notes." The "(currently)" implies this is a recognized "issue" (at the very least), so I searched the Issue Tracker using keyword "hairpin" and scanned at all the results, but couldn't find an (open) issue which clearly indicated that it's the Issue corresponding to "fixing" this: does this issue already exist in Issue Tracker? Can someone point me to it please? (I'd like to know its priority status, and "follow" it to stay apprised of progress on it.) Thanks!



Starting in version 3.1 you can now use a hairpin on a single note. Perhaps this should be the basis for a how to so in the future we can just point there.

To turn on Single note dynamics:
In the synthesizer, load the MuseScore_General_HQ soundfont (can be found in Help->Resource Manager in the extensions tab) in the fluid tab (keep it first in the list). In the Dynamics tab, choose Dynamics method "Default" and CC to use CC 2 (Default). Finally, click "Switch all patches:" to "To Expressive" and then click set as default.

You will not need to do this again to set up dynamics using a sound font with expr. sounds for instruments like the MuseScore_General_HQ soundfont.


In the synthesizer, choose Dynamics method CC Events only (constant velocity) and CC to use CC11, Click set default and most existing soundfonts will allow single note dynamics. From what I hear, this should work for all soundfonts.

There is no need to use the expr. sound in the HQ soundfont. As with the CC2 method, you won't need to do this again unless you do something to reset the synthesizer, like revert to factory settings.

Existing scores from previous version will use single note dynamics at this point. There are more things to learn about using single note dynamics correctly, but this is the first step.

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I know you need to download the HQ soundfont using the resource manager, the rest of the CC2 steps may be automatic, if they are, then you don't need to change anything, just make sure you click set as default so the HQ soundfont will always load with MuseScore.

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