Feature Request: enable Head Group (notehead shapes) in the inspector for percussion staff

• May 30, 2019 - 16:38

Currently, only the note-head shapes of pitched instruments on a standard staff can be changed in the inspector (i.e., Head Group). Notehead shapes on percussion staffs can only be changed in the drumset settings not the inspector. I suggest the Head Group in the inspector be enabled to allow custom notehead shape adjustments for indidivual notes. Thanks.


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Thanks. I was already aware of how to change the notehead shape through Drumset. Sometimes, I want to assign more than one notehead shape for a sound, for example, to show left and right hand or forward and backward movement (shakers). Currently, one has to use a different sound for each notehead shape. It just seems an unnecessary restriction to disable the inspector's Head Group for percussion staff. No biggy though. It was just a passing thought, "hey why not enable Head Group the inspector". I can just use the symbols from the Master Palette.

I remember when this was implemented a few years back, and I think the rationale was, we didn't want people doing this for things they could/should be using the drumset definition for. Which is to say, I think it was disabled deliberately but could be re-enabled with no ill effect, if we thought users are smarter now and be less likely to use it to shoot themselves in the foot than they were then :-)

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I would be in favour of re-enabling, considering the limited percussion sounds in the default sound font. For example, today I wanted to assign the higher tone of the timbale for both an open hit and rimshot. Since there is only two samples of a timbale, open low and high timbale, I can't, if I also want to keep the low tone as it is. If Head Group was enabled in the inspector, I could go back over the score and change some of the default higher open tone notehead to one that represents a rimshot (e.g., withx).

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The possibility you are suggesting would be a better solution in the long run. Perhaps, a plus and minus sign buttons could be added beside the "load..." and "Save as" buttons in the drumset editor so that users could add, or remove, duplicate midi numbers/notes when needed.

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In the meantime, enabling Head Group inspector may be a much quicker solution as changing the drumset editor seems like a much bigger undertaking, not likely to happen in the near future. Currently, the online player's mixer, requiring the synthesizer, works only for GM percussion presets (e.g. Standard Kit) using Channel 10 midi, at least in my testing. (see https://musescore.com/groups/improving-musescore-com/discuss/5042028). That means if one wants the mixer to work, they are limited to GM instruments found in MS's soundfont and have to avoid non-GM presets (e.g., marching tenor drum). As I mentioned before, being able to to use Head Group in the inspector would allow the user to use the same sound for different purposes (notehead shapes), expanding the use of GM percussion instruments.

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