Disappearing beams

• May 31, 2019 - 23:51

In the example I've attached the 2nd, 3rd and 4th system 1st bar bassoon part should show quavers 1 and 3 beamed with an internal rest. However, the beam on the 4th system has disappeared. If I move the "stacc" or the "f" on the 4th system bassoon part, then the beam reappears, but another beam in system 2 or 3 disappears. And so one. I can go round and round making minor adjustments but I can't find a way to make all the unstable beams appear together - except - then the score is first loaded. All seems well until I start editing.

Just in case you don't see the problem when you load the fragment score i've attached, the select the "stacc." at the botton left, and move it down a minimal amount. Now look at systems 2 and 3. You should see:
Screenshot from 2019-05-31 23-48-14.png

What is causing this, and how do I avoid it.


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I'm just a user like you, but I helped test the betas and I think the final 3.1 is great! It is very stable.

BTW, we can now download backup files. As long as the info the user is talking about is there, just save it without the , when prompted (at least in windows 10).

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I see a problem indeed in measure 9. It's due to the cross-measure beam. We try to do reasonable things here even across system breaks, but it's basically never worked right since 1.0. In theory we should at least be drawing the beam (unlike in 2.x where you would pretty much always get the behavior shown here) but there do seem to be some cases where this doesn't work right. Can you file this officially to the issue tracker?

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Thanks for the report! I linked to another related (possibly identical, hard to say) issue, #285141: Beam across a system break can disappear. For anyone encountering this, a workaround is to force line breaks at these points where you have cross-measure beams that are going to end up being on separate lines anyhow, so MuseScore doesn't get into this situation where it is trying to decide about the beaming in a measure while also trying to decide if the measure will fit on the next system. An easy way to do this is to want until you are basically done entering your score - accepting that the cross-measure beams to appear and disappear along the way but it won't be harmful in the end - then run Format / Add/Remove System Breaks command, and choose the option to add breaks at the end of the existing systems. This gives you maximum flexibility while working but locks in the layout when you're ready to print etc.

Some day we certainly hope to support cross-measure beams across system breaks better, and indeed, it is better than 2.x in that they do at least appears "mostly", but so far this has proven to be an extremely vexing problem.

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