Part Name in header

• Jun 1, 2019 - 22:54

How do I add the Part Name in the header so I can have it on every page of the score?
Apple OS 10.14 (Mojave)

When I hover over the available header tags in Format/style/header, footer
I get this:
header tags avail in my ms.png

So I put $i into my header (odd and even) and get no part name in my headers.
(The part name was added via Add/Text/Part Name.)

Looking in the Handbook, I see that $i (and $I) are NOT included in ITS list of metatags even though the list in my copy of Muse Score clearly shows them.

In MuseScore 2 I could easily add the part name with metatags in the header - now - can't.
No longer available?
Work around?

I've been adding the part name in Format/style/header, footer as text header tags avail in my ms.png and just changing it when I switch instruments.

I transpose and modify almost every piece our senior bands play. With people over 50 (our oldest player is 90) there are many special needs which I won't enumerate here. It is tedious and time-consuming but I'm a much better MuseScore user than I am a flute player so that's my major contribution!

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