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• Jun 1, 2019 - 23:07

How do I add the Part Name in the header so I can have it on every page of the score?
Apple OS 10.14 (Mojave)

When I hover over the available header tags in Format/style/header, footer
I get this:
header tags avail in my ms.png

So I put $i into my header (odd and even) and get no part name in my headers.
(The part name was added via Add/Text/Part Name.)
my header tags.jpg

Looking in the Handbook, I see that $i (and $I) are NOT included in ITS list of metatags even though the list in my copy of Muse Score clearly shows them.
header tags handboook.png

In MuseScore 2 I could easily add the part name with metatags in the header - now - can't.
No longer available?
Work around?

I've been adding the part name in Format/style/header, footer as text and just changing it when I switch instruments.

I transpose and modify almost every piece our senior bands play. With people over 50 (our oldest player is 90) there are many special needs which I won't enumerate here. It is tedious and time-consuming but I'm a much better MuseScore user than I am a flute player so that's my major contribution!


The pictures you are showing are not from a part. Since there is no part name for the score, there is no option to add it. If I'm wrong, attach the score and explain which part you are trying to add this option to.

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You inadvertently called a score a part. If you want the part name included, you need to create a part out of the one part in the score using File->Parts. If you click New All, in this dialog, then OK, everything should be as you want it automatically.

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There is no Score. I have only the one part. In this case I am transposing a bass piano line from a blurry copy of old sheet music to a part for a Baritone Horn, Treble Clef. In the past I added the part name using Add/Text/Part name on the first page of a part and then entered $:partName: in Format/Style Header. The title of the work then appeared on every page. That no longer works. Nor does the code listed in the menu for adding part name, $i.

You can also use "$:partName:".
But indeed that is only available in the parts, not in the main score.
I'm not aware of any changes in that area between MuseScore 2 and 3.

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Does not work. I get a blank spot where the part name should appear. This is not the way it worked in MuseScore 2. The name of the part reliably appeared on the second and subsequent pages. Now the only way I can get it to appear is by adding the name, e.g. Baritone Horn, in Format/Style/Headers, footers.

My other point is that the documentation in my menu ($i - Part name on all pages except first page, and $I - Part name on all pages) is not what the handbook shows - which has no entries at all for part name - and it doesn't work anyhow.

For the parts, the "partName" tag should already be there, you can head right away to format->style->header/footer

You can always go to File->score properties, click the little + below to add a new one.

Call it "partname". Give it the value "score"

Press ok and navigate to format->style. This is my typical header/footer showing the partName in the top left corner

And the result:

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