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• Jun 2, 2019 - 03:47

When I installed v., the 6/8 signature doubled in measure 4 of the attached. If I try to delete one of the signatures, both go away. Seems awkward to select one of the duplicates in each line and make them invisible. Why would this have happened? The opening 9/8 signature didn't duplicate.

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This is a holdover from 3.0.5. To fix it, select the time signature, open the inspector (F8) and remove the check from Show Courtesy.

The bug that caused this was present in 3.0.5 and fixed for 3.1, but it won't automatically fix scores that were already affected by the bug. You say this happened when you installed 3.1, but actually, I see the same laoding your score into 3.0.5, if I then reduce stretch. The only reason you didn't see it is that 3.0.5 wasn't as efficient about use of space in lyrics, so it couldn't fit the first four measures onto one system by default.

To really fix your score, uncheck courtesy time signatures for the whole score (via Format / Style / Page, doing it one at a time via the Inspector may not work), then save and reload, and then you can turn courtesies back on.

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Thank you, Marc. However, my observation of this file, which has been open in MS3.0.5 for months now, through numerous openings and closings of the program, is that this duplicate time signature didn't appear until I installed 3.1. And were I to clear the check mark in the whole score, wouldn't that remove courtesy time signatures from places where they would be desired? Fortunately in the instant case, they are not needed throughout the score. As it happens, mike320's Inspector suggestion resolved my issue. But I'll keep your idea in mind if this crops up again.

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The score was last saved in 3.0.5. If I load it into 3.0.5, it is true I don't see the problem right away. But, try changing stretch, or adding a line break to measure 2, and you'll see the problem show up as I said. Meaning, the problem is in fact already there and just being masked. The problem is the courtesy has become "permanent" and doesn't know to go away when not needed. The only reason you didn't see it in 3.0.5 is that the change did happen to occur right at the line break, so the courtesy was needed. As soon as the layout changes in a way that moves the time signature away from the line break, the problem appears, regardless of version, because the problem is in fact already there.

And yes, turning off courtesy time signatures will affect your entire score - that's the whole point. Chances are good that a score will contain other courtesy time signatures are also "locked" in place but this is being masked, and you will see the exact same bug if the layout changes again. So the procedure I describe will fix them all, not just the ones you happen to notice. Clear the checkbox to remove the courtesies - including places where they are desired - then save and reload, which fixes the problem, then turn the option back on to restore the courtesies to the correct "unlocked" status.

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