Soundfonts and Playback

• Jun 2, 2019 - 22:19

I recently installed musescore 3 and am trying out different soundfonts. i went through the installation process and restarted musescore to try and get them to work but i am still hearing the default soundfont that comes with musescore 3 when i play my songs back

Any Suggestions would be appreciated


P.S. i am tying to put in the GeneralUser GS soundfonts and the Arachno soundfonts


You don't need to restart, and in fact if you do that without first clicking "Set as Defaut", that would explain why your changes don't stick.

Assuming you are placing the new soundfonts at the top of the list, you should be hearing them. TO be totaly sure feel free to delete the default. But again, don't restart.

The two SoundFonts are quite a bit different when you can hear them side by side, but it's hard to tell the difference when you're playing the same file several moments apart after fiddling with playback settings.

I would advise downloading SoundFont MIDI Player 5.7 Bassmidi + SoundFont Edition by Falcosoft. . He has a nice YouTube tutorial about how to set up different SoundFonts using different bank numbers in the settings, and then you can literally hear the difference between two or more similar SoundFonts in the middle of the MIDI playback by hitting Ctrl+0, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc. Arachno piano versus Musescore piano versus SGM piano and so forth. You'll also be able to compare if the default sound that you're hearing in Musescore is the same as the sound that you're hearing in MIDI player.

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