Placement of text cause white space to be added

• Jun 6, 2019 - 00:21


The score was made with musescore 2.1, is this a bug?

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Also, it would help if you explained what this text is supposed to represent. Chances are there is a better way to add it than the way you did.

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Well, that's it looks like, but the attempt to move it away from the note is what confuses me. I think now I understand, though, it's trying to indicate not the string number for that note, but to suggest an alternate tuning. Meaning it would have been better added with a different type of text, like staff text, then perhaps given the string number text style. Then it wouldn't affect layout in that way.

Sorry for the inaccurate report, yes the aim is to indicate a different tuning for the sixth string. I get your point, I will try to achieve the same result in a different way.

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