An "apply to all staves" option.

• Jun 6, 2019 - 18:08


It would nice if you could add an option to the time signature properties dialog that would apply your settings to all of the staves. It's not a big deal to change the properties individually if there are only a handful of staves, but on an orchestral score with lots of time signature changes, it becomes quite burdensome.

Also, a bit more complicated, is if there could also be a global option — to change the properties for all of the same time signatures throughout the score.

Thank you.


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Not sure what you mean, you can't edit the beaming properties etc. for the time signatures in the palette? Yes you create a custom one, and then use that to replace existing time signatures - doing so was the only workaround I could find, but it's not super intuitive and means you end up with multiple time signatures on your palette that look the same, and have to remember which is which (e.g. if you have a few bars of 4/4 that should be beamed 3+2+3 then a few more that should be beamed 4+4 etc., you can create them both as custom time signatures but if later on you need them again, how do you remember which is which?)

If you edit a time signature in the inspector (F8) and there is an S to the right of the item, pressing the S applies that setting globally.

Hello, I'm referring to editing a time signature's properties — specifically the behavior of the beaming. If you have 3/4 on 20 staves, you have to do each separately. There is no option to apply it to all the staves at once. As far as I know, you cannot edit these properties in the Inspector. See the attached screen shot of the properties dialogue.

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This is true. Some day I'd hope to see this incorporated into the Inspector and then it would be possible to apply to multiple staves at once easily.

Meanwhile, though, if you regularly want 3/4 with non-default beaming, just set one that way then add it to a custom palette. Now just add that instead of the standard 3/4.

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