How about your effects with sound fonts,everybody???

• Jun 9, 2019 - 03:16

I downloaded some sound fonts and installed them to my musescore.
However when I playback my scores (with ukulele tab), I can't feel better sound.
I'm not an English speaker but I hope somebody will understand what I want to say
and any comment will be appreciated.


If you know recommendable free font ,kindly please let me know download-site.
(Sound of Uklele,Guitar,Piano,Organ etc.)
I'll try more with it ,thank you.

The MuseScore_General.sf3 soundfont employs 'Nylon String Guitar' as an approximation for the ukulele sound.


If you desire authentic playback, you need to find a soundfont created from samples of a "real" ukulele .

(BTW: I listened to that ukulele zip file from the URL - it's not very good.)

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After then I had a problem for download.
At the same time of download , messages hard to understand shown on the screen.
「Error」 「Problems occured in preview」 「Retrying」 「Download=button」
If I push ahead download,I can download a file.However I can't unzip it with any software I have (WinZip, Lhaca
,Lhasa etc). So I need to solve the download problem.This is my first time .
Trying to find out the cause for my self,I thank you for you help from now on.

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Could'nt find out.
Disregarding error massage I coukd dowload and unzip.
Now I have Ukulele-Hedsound-com.sf2 .sf3 in musescore.
However no sound with both,of course sounds with musescore's one as usual.
I dont know what causes the problem???.
File size:sf2=1,774KB sf3=502KB,I am afraid size is too small?
THis is normal size?

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It's okay that the browser can't preview.
Just select Download.

Yes this is normal size.
The technique used when creating is more important than Sounfont's megabytes.

workaround for no sound:
Turn on the mixer, (F10 to toggle)
Find the channel containing the ukulele sound.
Select the next sound and scroll to the same sound again. Sometimes it doesn't sound when you don't do this because of a problem in the Musescore.

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