How Do Users Get Banned in Musescore?

• Jun 12, 2019 - 20:50

There was a user I know (not in person, but in messages), that got banned due to violation of community guidelines. Now I am wondering how users get banned. Do they get a second chance? Or not.

By copyright infringement?
By having inappropriate songs, or content?
By being mean to others?
If one of their songs are inappropriate does the song get removed, as well as the user?

I know this is a vague question. But I am curious and I obviously do not want this to happen to me.


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I got banned the second I tried to activate the account, and now I can’t even delete it, and it treats the account as banned and inactivated at the same time. There’s no way possible I could of done something wrong since I’ve never even got to use the account. And also I can’t activate it since it’s “banned”. This sucks, I really wanted to use musescore, but now I guess I’ll never get a chance.

The only person I know who was "banned" was continually mean to others. He was warned repeatedly, continued to be mean and was finally banned.

It seems it's not easy to be banned and I think this is good.

In reality, this person still has an account and could continue being part of the community if they wanted to be nice. I guess they didn't like their rude comments being deleted.

Certainly for:

  • By having inappropriate songs, or content?
  • By being mean to others?

After having been warned.
Certainly not for:

  • By copyright infringement?
  • If one of their songs are inappropriate does the song get removed, as well as the user?

There lower level 'punisgments' are available. like just taking down the score

Once in megalovania, you would see that the vast majority of comments were deleted, with each person who made the comment banned. They were different people, and at least 10 people were banned. The staff posted a comment saying “greetings guys. Please stop the un constructive flood and abuse here. In case I see any similar cases here, all the ‘fun’ accounts will be banned. ‘Dongpha01’ received his permanent ban due to community guidelines violation.” And yes, he literally said “all the ‘fun’ accounts will be banned.” There was one person who was cursing at people, and even gave someone’s private information (name, gender, state they live in and sibling’s name, email) and that was obviously against the community guidelines. But the rest of us did nothing to violate them, and according to the technical definition of spamming, we were not spamming. The profiles of the people who were banned said that this user is banned due to violation of community guidelines. I sent a complaint email to musescore, saying maybe they should use “this user was banned for having a fun account” instead. Yes, I know, a bit passive aggressive, but I lost all the music i favorited and had to look for every one of them again AND I lost some of my friends because musescore was the only was I could contact them. My point is that sometimes you can get banned for not even violating the community guidelines, so you should be careful. 2C8E9191-20A9-4395-96EE-2CF886121509.jpeg

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I just found out I was banned and I'm really upset. I have had an account with Musescore since 2016 and the only thing I did until today was to favor the scores I liked. Of the few comments I made were always compliments. I am to believe that this is a bug in the site, because there is no justification for this.

I used to have a "forum" on my company web-site. I finally got tired of having to be a "moderator." I decided that this feature actually wasn't doing anything useful for product sales or support. As a matter of principle, the web-site did not use any form of advertising, so I didn't need to "attract clicks." Therefore, I got rid of the forum altogether, and implemented a new way to handle product support inquiries.

Nevertheless, the experience did give me a new appreciation for the very-thankless task of "moderators." We have all unfortunately visited web-sites that didn't have a good "moderator" team, and I daresay that we very soon stopped visiting them at all ... likely because of this.

So – this is my somewhat-backwards way of saying "thank you" to all of the moderators here. 🤠 Without you, we could not have the online experience that we can "simply take for granted." Thanks. (No reply is necessary.)

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