MDL Playback Issue/Musescore HQ Playback Issue & Questions

• Jun 17, 2019 - 00:35

I'm having major playback issues with the MDL extension. There have been times where a MDL instrument has had a playback issue where there are unwanted accents and dropped notes, especially in the drumline. It also does it with GM-StylePerc, Timpani, and TimpaniRolls from the HQ extension. I have no idea what the cause of this is, but I'm thinking it could be a bug in the software. I do not have this problem with any of the default instruments in Musescore itself. I am also curious as to why the instruments in the HQ extension do not have the same range as the default Musescore instruments when it comes to playback? Also, I am using the latest version of Musescore as well as the lastest versions of both extensions.


Sorry. Forgot to attach the file. It's a score that I made in musescore of Stephen Reineke's "Witch and the Saint" to see how accurate/realistic the new soundfonts from the most recent update are. Upon playing back the entire piece, the first 3 notes of the timpani do not play like they should.

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