How to delete the extra rests?

• Jun 17, 2019 - 23:07

How in the heck do you delete all of the extra rests that appear out of nowhere?? So annoying!


Normally there would be no extra rests, just exactly as many as needed to make sure each measure has the correct number of beats. Without seeing your score, my best guesses are that you either:

1) entered notes into a voice other than 1 when you could have simply used voice 1, and the voice 1 rest indeed correctly continues to show, because that's normally the whole reason for not using voice 1 in the first place


2) used the "insert" mode to add notes to your score, which by design adds notes to a measure without deleting what was there already, thus leaving you with more beats than the time signature calls for

In either case, the way to not have the extra rests is to not do the thing that created them,

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This is deeply unhelpful; I imported a huge score from a MIDI file that I created from a performance in Cockos Reaper and MuseScore stuck in the crazy rests, all in Voice 1, all by itself. Are you saying don't import MIDI files? That's what you seem to imply by saying "[don't] do the thing that created them". Do you actually have any advice on how to get rid of them since I do now have them? They're all in Voice 1 -- why has MuseScore let this happen? Other suggestions in this thread aren't working for me, such as CTRL-Del -- MuseScore seems quite determined to either not let me delete things in Voice 1, or if I swap the voice to another it seems to crazzily edit other things I want to keep. Not easy.

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MIDI is not meant for representation of music notation, and unless the MIDI file in question was very careful quantized and otherwise processed to remove the things that will cause strange results with notation, it's going to look, well, strange. If you attach the MIDI file, we can advise better. Often the answer is to work hard to get the MIDI file simplified before importing, but sometimes there will be ways of simplifying after import. Again, we'd need to see the MIDI file in question in order to advise better.

In case you have not found out yet, here is what I did. In my case, I had 4/4 time and one measure had 4 quarter notes and a rest. I exported the page to a pdf file, deleted the extraneous rest with adobe acrobat, and re-imported the pdf into musescore.

If the rests are not in Voice 1, just select a rest in the desired voice (with rests to be deleted) and right-click on the rest.

In the pop-up menu that appears, go to "Select > More..." and the "Select" pop-up window will appear.

Make sure that the box next to "Element type:" reads "Rest" and make sure that the "Same voice" box is ticked (leave the others blank if deleting all rests not in Voice 1 for every Part in the score).

Press "OK."

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