How to delete the extra rests?

• Jun 17, 2019 - 23:07

How in the heck do you delete all of the extra rests that appear out of nowhere?? So annoying!


Normally there would be no extra rests, just exactly as many as needed to make sure each measure has the correct number of beats. Without seeing your score, my best guesses are that you either:

1) entered notes into a voice other than 1 when you could have simply used voice 1, and the voice 1 rest indeed correctly continues to show, because that's normally the whole reason for not using voice 1 in the first place


2) used the "insert" mode to add notes to your score, which by design adds notes to a measure without deleting what was there already, thus leaving you with more beats than the time signature calls for

In either case, the way to not have the extra rests is to not do the thing that created them,

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