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• Jun 18, 2019 - 02:56

Greetings. Hope you can help a newbie. While learning MuseScore I mucked up some voltas ("voltae"?), and am now unable to work out how to amend or remove them, or remove the bars containing them.
In the screen shot you can see that a bar contains both first and second time voltas: I have replaced that bar and want to delete the faulty bar altogether.
The second-time bar is also a "closed" volta and should be an open one, but I can't seem to remove or replace it.


If you click the volta, open the inspector (F8) there is an option for an end hook. Set that to none and you will have an open volta. As an alternative you can delete the closed volta and insert the open volta from the advanced lines palette.

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Thanks for the advice on changing the closed volta to an open one; checked them just now and they were already set with "none" as the closed hook, probably because I've tried to amend them. So maybe the code describes no end hook but the screen still shows one. heavy sigh.
However what I most urgently need to do is delete the bar containing the mixed 1- and 2-time voltas.
By the way, I have done what others have recommended for other problems: closing and then re-opening the file, to no avail.
If the worst comes to the worst and I need a printed score in a hurry, I'll print the file to PDF then edit the PDF (in GraphicConverter) to remove the unwanted bar! Will have to tweak the bar numbers to the right of this also, of course.

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No, the screenshot is there, but we'd need the actual score to understand what is going on. From the picture, it sure looks like you simply added two voltas to the same measure, and clicking one and hitting delete would have solved it. Same if you want to delete the volta on the second measure.

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OK, I uploaded the score but hope that people understand that it is NOT to be downloaded or copied.
I did highlight one and then both of the voltas and hit Delete, but nothing happened. Similarly highlighting the bar and hitting Delete achieves nothing.
Yes, I take responsibility for adding volta 1 and then 2 to the same measure!
Am attaching the score to this message also, in case that helps.

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Thank you. I was not able to separate the voltas at all, but you have managed to…
It really helps to be able to separate them. How did you do that? By dragging? Never occurred to me, although I've dragged plenty of other things around in other scores.
Perhaps I should have just kept on highlighting the voltas and deleting, highlighting and deleting, and eventually the many layers would have cleared up.
What I think I have done is put in volta 2 by mistake, then add volta 1 *** thinking it would automaticaliy REPLACE volta 2 *** (just as a crotchet can replace a quaver, or a new rest can replace an old), but it doesn't work like that with "lines". You just add more to the mess.
And now I've been able to delete the voltas; deleted the repeat; couldn't delete the now empty bar but instead cut and pasted the coda, remove the trailing bar and finally got the volta 2 sorted.
Thank you all so very much for your help :-D . Our little quartet can now warble this arrangement with ease at a forthcoming party.

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You are brilliant, thank you so much.
Just so you know: I'm not uploading any of my efforts to MuseScore because they are often just hacks of well known copyrighted pieces (e.g. Miserere, We Will Rock You, Adieu Sweet Amaryllis … a strange assortment of pieces) for SATB. We only sing them for our own amusement, or at parties. Our lowest voice can reach D below middle C but no lower, so rather than have her try to read something for bass with scattered messy amendments in biro I've been using MuseScore to prepare versions of the scores within her range.
It is a magnificent program.

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