Best way to sync a midi to an audio file

• Jun 18, 2019 - 05:51

There have been numerous solutions posted on the internet for this issue, however many of these answers appear to be for older software, with possibly outdated methods. I was wondering what the best current way to sync a midi to an audio file so that every measure would be in sync.

There was apparently a modification made to MuseScore to sync an audio file in 2013 -

However this feature does not appear to be in the current version, I created a similar topic on the stackexchange but was wondering what people's thoughts were on these forums.


It's not really clear what you mean here. If you have a MIDI file and an audio file and you want to "sync" them. that implies you have a program that is capable of playing both type of fies at once. If so, then consult the documentation for that program to learn how to do the syncing. MuseScore would not normally be involved in the process.

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Sorry, I meant if there was a way to sync a midi to an audio recording (such as mp3) by the measure. I wasn't sure if there was a way to sync automatically in MuseScore like in the video, no other program seems to be able to do it automatically. Although there are ways of manually specifying the measure locations, it looks like that would take hours for a small audio file which is why I am hoping there's a better way.

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He doesn't add "beat bar markers" at all.
He has a MIDI file which has "bars", all he did was play an audio file and tap in the tempo, then set that as the tempo for the MIDI file. And his scenario is for Pro Tools specifically.

You can for example open an audio file with Audacity and use the beat finder tool in there to figure out the tempo of it.

All of this still has nothing to do with MuseScore and everything with whatever software you're using (going to use) to playback those two files.

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