Unique Trills

• Jun 20, 2019 - 01:51

So there is a song I'm working on that requires a certain type of trill. Of course we have the regular trill, but, as seen in Tartini's Devil Trill there are different types of trill, for example, a three note trill. I would like to see the ability to decide which notes are in a specific trill for a specific note.


What notation do you have in mind? Are there conventions for how to notate & play multiple-note trills? I couldn't find anything in Gould's Behind bars. (Grace notes seem to be reserved for the beginning/end of the trill.)
I'm not familiar with Tartini's sonata (or violin, for that matter ^^), and Wikipedia alone wasn't enough to clue me in what's special about the "devil's trill". This just seems to be a trill in the first voice, with additional notes in a second voice?

If its just about playback, hiding the actual notes in another voice & muting the visible ones is the usual hacky workaround.
As for custom 2-note trills, writing them as between-note tremolos instead seems like the best option, at least as of v3.1. You can add accidentals to trill lines, but they're badly placed (should go between tr and the line), don't affect playback, and aren't suited for other intervals.
What I'd love to see implemented is this notation (a small notehead in parens): gould-p139.jpg
I could approximate by using additional voices, but it was rather finnicky: trills.mscz

I thought I responded earlier, sorry.

There is what I consider a sane proposal about how to implement custom articulations and ornaments here. There is no one working on this project at the moment, but there seems to be momentum to develop such a feature so I won't be surprised to see it added in the next couple of years. If I can get my programming skills up, perhaps I'll be the one who implements it but I'm making no promises.

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