Harp pedal Diagram Issue

• Jun 22, 2019 - 17:20

Whenever I try to use a harp pedal diagram, the startup window immediately closes on its own. I have the latest release of Musescore installed and my os is windows 10. This is across all scores; I might be missing something here.


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Yes, I meant the plugin.
And to reproduce-
1. I downloaded the Musescore 3 plugin from the website
2. Extracted it.
3. Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V'ed the .qml file into Musescore 3 plugin
4. Deleted the now empty folders.
5. Went to a recent score (the score was already opened, didn't restart Musescore 3)
6. Enabled the plugin from the resource manager, (set shortcut to Ctrl + Shift + H)
7. Tried it via Plugins- but once I click it, the startup window opens, but force-closes immediately.
8. Tried reloading the plugins via the plugin manager (twice) only to get the same result as described in step 7.

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Perhaps a misunderstanding in the use of this plugin?

The harp pedal diagram plugin is used for creating documentary pedal diagrams to appear on the score at specific places - the plugin has no role in playback, and the diagrams on the printed score are used to guide the harpist. Intuitively I expected to be able to create a pedal diagram by clicking a specific note, as when entering Stave Text. But that's not how this plugin works. It requires the user to create a selection before the plugin will show the popup window for creation of the pedal diagram.

The image illustrates this trap:

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Well, as said, other plugins, like e.g. color notes or color voices, just select the entire score if no (range) selection had been made and apply the plugion to the entire score, this might be the way to go for this plugin too.
So far indeed this plugin (just like all its predecessors too) requires a range selection, and I've made that clear now on that plugin's pages (copied across from one of its predecessors

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"...just select the entire score if no (range) selection had been made and apply the plugin to the entire score"

The snag there is that the pedal diagram will always be inserted at measure 1. But pedal diagrams are often needed at various points in the score, to reset the pedals to a different tuning. So selection of a single note or measure is essential.

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"But without a valid (range) selection an error message should show"

Yes, I do agree. The problem at present is that with a single note just highlighted (no frame around the selection), the popup window flashes up briefly and disappears. This leads a user into thinking "Oh dear, this plugin isn't working".

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Assuming the framework allows you to get the necessary info from just a single note - or maybe allows you to convert a single selection to a range selection? - that would be the best way to go. That is, modify the plugin to actually work as expected with a single note selection. Otherwise, display a dialog (which should be done in any case with nothing selected).

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