Always show accidentals or disable accidental carry

• Jun 22, 2019 - 22:20

I am writing some atonal music that doesn't use a time signature.
To get around the issue of having no time signature I have just made very long measures (if anyone knows how to make a score without any time signature in musescore that would be good)

As the measures I am using are very long and the music is atonal, I don't want an accidental I had used on a note earlier on in the piece to not show up later on. Say if I were to have an F# at the start of the piece - if I were to have an F# again further down the piece it would by default show up as an F on the score but be played as an F#.

This is useful for tonal music in 4/4 time, but is there any way to disable this in Musescore? I am aware I can manually add accidentals but I was wondering if there was a more efficient way.


To make a score the way you want, in each instrument right click the staff and choose Staff/part properties and remove the check from "Show time signature." Use insert mode to enter the notes (click the fancy N above the palettes to select it) so the measure will be extended when you enter notes and a blue plus sign will show above the end of the measure to tell you the measure is longer than the time signature. When you have enough notes in the measure, you will probably have some left over rests. Select them and press ctrl+delete and they will go away along with every note and rest on the same beat in the same measure for every staff. This will keep all of the notes in the same measure and you will then have the accidentals you want (e.g. repeated F# on the same line will not have an accidental)

I'm trying to figure this out...
I don't want an accidental I had used on a note earlier on in the piece to not show up later on.
Question: How much 'later on'? What about a group of beamed notes? Should the accidental hold for the beam?

You can try short measures. See attachment:

Making long measures - eg, using Toos / Measure / Join Selected Measures - is indeed how to writing meterless music. And suppress the display of time signature in Staff Properties.

The "Add courtesy accidentals" plugin can automatically add accidentals to all notes, see Download menu above.

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