Problem adding measure number in the middle of a multi-measure rest.

• Jun 24, 2019 - 16:36

I have a 10 measure rest that I need to split with a measure number into 2 plus 8, starting on measure 35. So I turned off multi-measure rests (keyboard M) and then went to measure properties for measure 37, and checked "make multi-measure rest". That worked fine (see screen shot). But when I clicked M to turn the feature back on, the new measure 37 marker disappeared. Can you help?


checked "make multi-measure rest" ?? there's no such thing in the measure properties dialog as far as I'm aware, there's "Break multimeasure rest" though.
But if that measure 37 marker were a rehersal mark, rather than a measure number with a changed text style, none of those changes would be needed, a rehersal marks does interrupt multimeasure rests. As does staff text BTW.

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