Can't Create User Text Style

• Jun 30, 2019 - 17:01

See the attached file "User Text Style.mscz"

On the last bar of "Verse"

There is "Fig.1"

It means Tablature Line named "Fig.1" is played.

I want it look like at the level of Chord Symbols but with different fonts and I want to save the settings to User-3 slot for later use.

1) I'm choosing "Fig.1"
2) I'm going to "Format - Style - Text Styles - User-3"
3) I'm trying to adjust the offset y but it does NOT move.

So how to make it move and save the settings to User-3 slot?

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1) Where is "set as style button" in Inspector?

2) Can I replace the Master Template (Default Template) of MuseScore with the one I customized so that I don't need to re-load Style file again and again?

3) If I customize text objects then save the file as ".mscz" then I open my MuseScore file are those customizations available right away? (Without loading style)

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As mentioned, you need to change the offset by enough to see - if autoplace has already moved the element from its default position, you will need to change the offset by at least that same amount before you'll see an effect.

The "Set as style" button in the Inspector is the one with the label "S" right next to the reset button, it should show that label when you hover over it.

When you change style settings, they are there permanently, for that score only. Saving/loading style settings is available for copying style settings from one score to another, but you can also save a style file and make it your default when creating new score - see Edit / Preferences / Score. Generally, though, it's better to simply save your score as a template so those style settings only are there for scores similar enough to want to create from the template. Eg, if you create a style file that makes sense for your specialized lead sheets, you really don't want that same style file used for string quartet scores.

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I suspect you are trying to press the wrong "S" button - there is one for each filed you've modified, you need to press the one specifically for the offset if it's the offset you want to set as style. But actually, if you're trying to modify the offset field for a staff text with a user style, there can be confusion over which text style you are actually trying to customize, so better to make that modification in Format / Style / Text Style so you can be sure you are customizing the right setting.

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See the attached file "Unclickable Button.png". There I've shown the "s" button which is unclickable although the regarding text is selected.

Is it alright I manually adjust the position of the text then go to "Format - Style - Text Styles - User-3" then click "OK"?

Because I had told you when I click the above/below buttons of "offset y" at "Format - Style - Text - Styles - User-3"
the selected text does not move at all.

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Which is not for you?

a) Can you click "S" button

b) Can you move the offset y at "Format - Style - Text Styles - User-3"

By the way I updated MuseScore to the latest version

So what should I do now?

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As I said previously, you can drag the text to approximately where you want it and you will see the offsets you need. What you are not seeing are the S buttons that are off the right side of the inspector. Use the scroll bar at the bottom too move the S buttons into view or drag the left edge of the inspector to make it wider.

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There are "S" buttons for each setting, that's the whole point. Whichever setting you wish to make the default for the style, you press the "S" button next to that specific setting. If the offset setting is just above the font size setting, clearly labelled "Offset".

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You don't need an S next to the style. Pressing any of the other S's applies it to the style you have selected for that item. As an obvious test, add at least two texts and make them user-3 style. Make the text underlined on only one of them. Press the S to the right of the underline button and all user-3 text's will be underlined. To further prove what I said is true, open Format->Style->Text styles->User-3 and you will see that the underline has been applied to the text style.

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1) When I click "s" button (Red Arrow 1) the text "Fig.1" (Red Arrow 2) moves up a bit and get out of the line of Chord Symbols.

2) When I try to adjust the offset y at "Format - Style - Text Styles - User-3" (Red Arrow 3) the text "Fig.2" (Red Arrow 2) does not move. So I can not adjust it.

As you recommended; for "2)" how to adjust and save the style?

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You've got several different conflicting things going on here - the staff text style setting, the user-3 style settings (with a 12sp offset that makes no sense whatsoever), the custom offset you've applied, and the collision avoidance provided by autoplace. You need to deal with only one of these at a time to understand each individually, then you can start to understand how they relate to each other. It's kind of hard to explain everything via messages here.

I'll start by saying, select that "Fig. 1" text and start over: hit Ctrl+R to remove your custom settings, then go to Format / Style / Text Styles and hit the reset buttons next to anything you've changed in User-3. Also go to Format / Style / Staff Text and reset the min distance change you made there.

Then see if you can use just the style settings to get the effect you want. If you have trouble, ask here, but describe exactly what you want to see - I'm not really sure at this point where you want that text to appear., so I can't begin to advise on the best way of getting it to work the way you want.

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Another complication I just noticed - you've set this particular staff to a scling of 120% of the normal for other staves in this sore, and that's throwing things off too. I can't see a reason for that. If you want the music bigger, change this for the whole score, at Format / Page Settings, not for this staff only. That's also messing up your offsets, they keep getting scaled by 120%. If you make the whole score bigger, everything works much better.

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I made the changes you suggested.

a) Select The Problematic Text - CTRL + R
b) Format - Style - Staff Text - Autopace min. distance - Reset

1) I did not notice I did that staff scaling setting as 120%. Could you tell me how to reset this?
That setting does not appear at "Staff/Part Properties".

2) May you See the file I attached "The Look.png" please;

After resetting Staff Scaling;

2.1) How to make the changes I want?
2.2) How to save it as style to User-3?

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Yes, that text is fixed.

Then I saved that position as a style on the Inspector.

Then when I delete the second chord symbol and insert a staff text "Fig.2" via "CTRL + T"
then I choose User-3 the text goes a way down.

I save MuseScore file then I reopen the file again and see "Fig.2" got the position I want it to be.

You can try it on any of Chord Symbols on that line.

Do I have to save and reopen the file to make User-3 in the right position?

How to fix that?

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Looks like you didn't actually reset things as I suggested - min distance is still wrong for staff text. You have -99, and then -4.67 for the vertical offset. You also didn't set the alignment to be the same for User-3 as for chord symbols as I suggested, which is why things don't align as expected.

Again, if you use the same vertical offset and alignment for chord symbols & user-3, it works. Chord symbols are set to -2.5sp vertical and baseline alignment, and 0.5sp min distance. Make those settings for user-3 - and for offset, use Format / Style / Text Styles as I suggested before - and they will behave the same.

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Selecting All Similar Items (Text) and making the changes you suggested and save as style.

They are placed with same alignment. OK.

But when I insert new User-3 Text It has y offset of 12.00sp automatically. And It is placed down. (See the text Fig.11)

I change it to -2.5 and save then minimum distance goes -999 automatically.

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The 12sp value is coming from Format / Style / Text Styles / User-3. Once again, you should make the offset change there, not using the Inspector, in order to make it perfectly clear what it is supposed to apply to. Right now if you go there you will see it is set to 12sp. Change it to -2.5, and once again
When I do that it works perfectly, the very first time, immediately.

The reason changing the offset of a single element to -2.5 can cause min distance to go to -999 is because that offset of 12sp you set previously (not sure when or why) places it below the staff, but then changing it to -2.5 moves it above, and the only way to use offset to move a text from below to above is to disable autoplace, or at least set min distance to -999.

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Ok. Finally, I understand and could do it. :))))

1) I wrote down the properties of chord symbol.
2) I go to Format - Style - Text Styles - User-3
3) I make the changes according to step "1)"

Sorry, for misundestandings and thank you very much for your very detailed answers Marc Sabatella. :)

You have two basic problems. First is that you are using version 3.1 that has some formatting issues. 3.2.2 released today will help with those. The other problem is that you need to make the y offset significant enough to move the text. You can actually just drag it and you can see the offsets change. If you want round numbers you can easily enter values you prefer.

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