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• Jul 9, 2019 - 02:44

So I've been running 3 alongside 2, and I haven't moved fully over to 3, find some quirks. This one boggled me today.

First thing I did today was update to version

Since upgrading to 3, I have tweaked my old style file several times. My "partiture" style in 2 was 62KB. The updated one in 3 is 1.6MB.

I tweaked the style slightly today and resaved it as a new file, that one is 3.2MB.

Opening the XML files in a text editor I find the last 90%+ lines are font definitions and a whole bunch of token definitions. Interestingly enough, the partitura-2019-v3 file has font ids to 12152, allon1withwords file has font ids to 24308, just slightly more than double. Similarly with the token definitions, the second file has twice as many..... is it doubling up on things? That would explain why my partitura file got so huge since I updated from 2, I resaved it several times as I was tweaking it...

See attached files.

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partitura-2019-v3.mss 1.64 MB
allon1withwords.mss 3.2 MB


Looks like this style has maybe been around a few years, picked up stuff from MsueScore 1 even? Best to just start over, much has changed, including the meaning of some of the settings you may have made long ago that will now have a different effect, because the defaults have improved so much.

That said, if you're determined to rescue this file, get rid of all that chord symbols stuff - it's a holdover from MsueScore 1 and hasn't served any purpose for four years now. So, everything from the opening ChordList tag to the end can and should go. You should also get rid of that ancient reference to the MuseScore 1 "stdchords.xml" and the "custom" setting for chordStyle and the line forcing the load of chordsXml file. probably there are other things in this file causing problems, but those are the biggest.

Again, far better to simply start over and create a new style file based on the current defaults, changing only what's necessary in the ways that are necessary,

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If you have a custom chords (x_chords.xml) file and use it on a score: When you load the style file (name.mss) saved with this setting into the score and then save it again, the chord definitions in the style file are duplicated (defined if none).

 (OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch .: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: d2d863f)

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