Drumline playback with different sounds after upload

• Jul 9, 2019 - 19:16

On my computer my score plays marching percussion instruments correctly. When I upload to the MuseScore app I hear lasers and bongos.

I read in another thread about saving the synthesizer to the score. I have done this and uploaded my score again and playback is still producing sounds for different instruments.


I'm guessing you are using a soundfont other than the default. In that case, when using File / Save Online, be sure to check the "Upload score audio" button.

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Can you post a link to the score on musescore.com?

Note if you upload it to musescore.com, it should play back fine there, but if you had previously downloaded it from there to a mobile app, your mobile app won't necessarily see the update version unless you re-download it.

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Custom meaning, anything but the default soundfont that comes with MuseScore. If you stick to the default soundfont, it will sound identical on musescore.com. It won't necessarily sound identical on the mobile, because it may use a different soundfont, but the sounds should at least be compatible (a snare is still a snare, on that you can rely :-). If you use any soundfonts other than the default and want to hear the same on musescore.com, you need the "Upload score audio" button, which is what I am calling "custom audio". It will still sound reaosnable on the mobile app if and only if the soundfont used is compatible with General MIDI. MDL goes far beyond that.

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