Appoggiatura too short at playback

• Jul 10, 2019 - 16:27
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S3 - Major

Open appending file
Move to bar 39
Start playback
At bar 41 and 43 you will notice that the appoggiatura - an eighth of c sharp - is played as if it were a quarter. The same applies when you choose a 16th as the appoggiatura.

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This is correct. The standard definition of an appoggiatura is to take half the time value of the main note in simple meter, 2/3 in compound. it's true that in some contexts some performers may make the personal choice to make it shorter, but Musescore goes with the standard interpretation by default. if you wish to tweak the playback further, you can use the Piano Rol Editor.

Again, this is correct and by design. Different options for display in the score are provided to accommodate the different ways the appoggiatura can be notated, but they are always played back as appoggiaturas are supposed to be played back.

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I've spoken to some very renowned performers about the appoggiatura on a dotted note, and compared classic performances of the same selection of great works. The 2/3 "default" is just not good enough where it doesn't apply (yes, I know that that's what "default" means). The OP may find this tutorial helpful on how to wrangle it in the Piano Roll Editor (which is not obvious).

FWIW, I do agree that the behavior on dotted notes is the most obvious room for improvement. If nothing else, we should differentiate compound and simple meter.

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Making up more complex ironclad rules to be sworn at doesn't seem the way to go (for me). But I don't see how this can be addressed without opening the worm-can of "Why don't you just let me tell you (in notes) how to execute this ornament or appoggiatura instead of telling me?"