Dark Mode got so dark! Traditional dark mode option?

• Jul 11, 2019 - 21:06

Musescore 3 has gotten a lot darker than before.

I though Musescore 2 shade scheme was perfect!

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 5.52.00 am.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 5.51.29 am.png

A choice of traditional dark mode and super dark high contrast mode would be so great!

The high contrast is a lot harder for me to work with. Until I find a way of reducing the contrast I'm having to revert to Musescore 2 :(

Thanks for reading
(using Mac)


Not only is it quite dark, it also appears blurry, if such a thing is possible. I've tried it on two systems, comprising four monitors, and the dark theme text seems to bleed a little into the surrounding pixels.
(Note: this could just be because of my own eyesight, but it's definitely bad enough that I find it difficult to read.)

My understanding is that on Mac, MsueScore now uses the actual default Mac settings for dark mode, although I'm not clear on the details. Anyhow, if you want less contrast, the obvious solution is to not use dark mode in the first place. But you can also try playing with the settings in Edit / Preferences / Advanced. You could also simply turn down the contrast on your monitor.

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Hi Marc.

Thank you for replying so quickly.

It makes sense that it's now using native dark mode. It looks just like the Mac dark mode. I don't use that either as it's too high contrast for me. It's a Shame, I am dyslexic and so very sensitive to my working environment, I loved the MuseScore shades so much.

Do you really think I could get it back though Advanced preferences? I'll check it out and let you know how I go, as soon as I've got the piece I'm working on finished, tight deadline as usual!

Or and I realise I could use light mode or turn my monitor down but these both present other problems for me.

Thanks again Marc, super helpful :)

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It's really a pity to return to an anterior version.
For the dark black aspect, it's probably a matter of personal tastes. For my part, I like this deep black. And I've heard it elsewhere too.
On the other hand, I am embarrassed by the inconsistency of the display. When you open a menu, say "Edit", you notice that it always appears with the previous anthracite grey - image below (second frame)
And what really bothers me a lot is this blur of inactive items - same image below (top frame)
Reported here: #291233: Make the color of invalid/disabled options in the menus more distinguishable (and so, not only in context menu)
And this too, disturbing in the same way: #291886: Some Buttons look grayed-out in dark mode


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Hi Cadzi1

Yeah, I’ve head other people say they like the super dark theme too. It looks cool but my eyes are sensitive. The old Musescore dark scheme is like photoshop.

I guess the inconsistencies will be worked out soon enough ... some people must be work really hard on MuseScore! It’s so great!

Marc Sabatella kindly gave me the solution for this in another forum. Incase anyone else using a Mac wants the less aggressive MuseScore 2 dark mode colour scheme, MuseScore 3 now lets you edit specific colours.

MuseScore / Preferences / Advanced

Thanks again Marc, always super helpful!

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