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• Jul 12, 2019 - 19:34

Perhaps this should and one day will be How to... but for now this is a place we can link to help people having difficulties opening version 3. If you upgrade to version 3 and cannot open MuseScore try the following:

  1. Double click a score to open MuseScore. If this works, open Edit->Peferences and remove the check from "Show start center". This should enable you to open MuseScore using the shortcut in the future.

  2. Try running MuseScore from the command line using -w or -s on the command line. -w disables web view and -s disable the sound. See for information on using command line options. Note that these need to be small letters, capital letters do other things. If 1 did not work and you are trying this option, I suggest that you start a new thread in the Bug and support forum so programmers can help you open MuseScore in the future and understand what the problem is.

  3. Finally, try running MuseScore with the -R or -F command line option. Note that these are capital letters. You will get a warning that you are resetting MuseScore to factory settings with either of these options. This has been known to allow people to open MuseScore when otherwise it fails.

If someone has another method to open MuseScore, please add it to this thread. Other discussions should be started in new threads.


Ciao Mike. I think you should insert the string in full, allowing the copy and paste in the command prompt (on some versions of Windows the answer is 'It's not a recognized command');
Add the possibility to right click on the icon (link) and from properties add the command.
I fear that many, like me, are not very familiar with the command line and the hidden mysteries of computer science ;-)

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On Windows, which seems to have the most problems, the command line is:

C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe -x

where x is the letter listed above (either w, s, F or R).

To get to the command line, press and hold the Windows button and then r. You can then copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) the above to the command line.

Perhaps someone can post this info for Mac and Linux also.

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Hello, friends.

I am trying a last-resort effort to get MuseScore 3.0 to install on Windows Vista 32 bit OS SP2.

I have already had the Start Center disabled for years, from the GUI, but I THINK JoJo tells me I should disable it and run the program from the command prompt, at the same time, if I understood him correctly.

Mike320 says I should type in this:
C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe -x

When I open the command prompt, I get this:

Obviously this does not allow me to type in C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe and it will not allow me to backspace and delete everything up to C:\

and to disable the start center, I think I am supposed to type in this:
C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe -w

but, as I said, the only option that I am given is this: "C:\Windows\system32>"
and, no matter what I type at that point, it does not work.

Moreover, the command prompt on Vista 32 bit SP2 does not allow copying and pasting, by the way, at least, not for me, so everything has to be typed directly.

So, can anyone tell me how to run
C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe -w

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Thank you, Marc.

Yes, I assume that I tried everything that Mike320 suggested last year, such as installing the 2015 version alongside the 2017, but I can't remember what the results were, although it was most likely that it did not really work, and that I probably got a new error message of some sort. I will try again this year and see what happens.

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The prompt that shows in the window is just there to tell you where you are. Yu aren't supposed to delete it.

I would recommend you do a web search to find some basic info on how to use the command-line window. Most of the concepts are universal (they apply to all versions of Windows as well as the corresponding tools on macOS and Linux for that matter). But Vista's window is unusually archaic, even for its day, so you will want to find some Vista-specific info as well.

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