Reversion: Only one palette open at a time?

• Jul 14, 2019 - 04:56

Didn't check the issue tracker about this, but it seems that the Workspace only allows for one palette to be open at a time, as opposed to how it used to be in version 2. Is this by design? Seems like a set-back rather than a benefit. Ciao.


For the record, the default for that option is off, in both MuseScore 2 & MuseScore 3, so you should normally be able to open multiple palettes. Perhaps you accidentally enabled it, or installed a workspace that did so.

FWIW, I much prefer working with single palette enabled to me having multiple palettes open at once just makes it harder to use. I'd suggest sticking with it a minute and giving it a chance before going back to the default .

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I usually keep my MuseScore window reduced to half the height of my screen...

That's interesting...
What is your screen aspect ratio: "square-ish" like the old 4:3; or "new-ish" like 16:9?
If "new-ish" do you have your screen oriented as portrait display?
What do you display on the other half?

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(I assume you're displaying a PDF or some such in the other half to transcribe?)

Makes sense, if you're constraining the window height that much you'll need to scroll just to see the title bars of the others most likely. So if you're going to scroll, might as well only scroll, not also need to click to open a palette. I usually work full screen, so I can open a palette still see all the other title bars, meaning I essentially never need to scroll the palettes window.

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Years ago there was talk of a MuseScore pdf transciber "helper".

It was not a full-fledged OMR, but instead performed a rudimentary staff and measure recognition for "location awareness" in the pdf score.
The result was that a transcriber could easily compare a place in his active transcription to its counterpart in the pdf document -- all working within MuseScore.
I wonder if it ever got past experimental?

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