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Hello, I am new to Musescore. I want to print out some sheet music and cannot find out how to do it without a pro membership and I have heard you can. How do I do it?


Indeed a Pro membership should not be needed at all, just have the score (the mscz file) and the MuseScore program installed on your PC (Windows, mMac, Linux), open that score, and either print directly or export to PDF (and later print that).

You cannot print directly from the website, download is needed. And I don't recommend directly downloading PDF because that PDF can look different than the actual score due to compatibility reasons of the website. Download MuseScore file and open it in the software, after that you can do whatever you want.

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The PDFs on the website are rendered by the Linux version of MuseScore, and got rendered at the time of their upload or last update. So they should should look exactly like the author intended them to look, as the MuseScore version at the time rendered them.
Downloading the score and print from whatever MuseScore version is likely to render them different. Like downloading a score that has been uploaded with MuseScore 1.x or 2.x will look different when looked at in and printed with MuseScore 3.

You can print (actually export to PDF and then print that) from the MuseScore mobile app, for iOS and Android too BTW. This may be a pro feature though, not sure.

But see also the current discussion on, in, which would, at least least temporarily, restrict you from downloading PDF or score when not being a pro member.

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OK, in that case indeed the rendering on is different and not like intended.

Still that score had been last saved with MuseScore 3.1 (but surely not initially created with atah, it got forst uploaded in April 2018, MuseScore 3.1 was still more than a year away back then) and probably got rendered by that version (or newer) on too (there is no way to tell really), so may look slightly different in 3.2.3 alone because of that

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Correct me if I'm wrong, (I usually am, so it doesn't hurt my feelings) but if you're printing from PDFs, you may have problems if your system uses different page formats than the original files. (I'm thinking of the difference between European and North American paper formats) Your printer should allow you to force the print to your paper size, but the results are sometimes a little off.

I'm also having trouble. A friend told me that you can just download the PDF and then print it. I don't have a Musescore membership and neither does he. When I try to download the PDF, it tells me I have to do a 30 day trial. Is there any way to get around that? I know my friend did and I was wondering if I could do the same. Any ideas?

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At least it used to wortk that way last time I checked

Currently I can't find any score I can't download (using my 2nd and non-pro account), so can't verify

I also found quite a few score claiming to be PD where I'm prety sure they are not (like e.g. "Chasing cars" from Snow Patrol)

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I just checked on a second non-pro account: Impossible to directly print scores online, even those in the Public Domain. As soon as you click on "Print" you get the following message:
And if you click on the question mark you get the following message:
This seems to me to be in conformity with the new reglementation in use.

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