Nudging notes on Ledger Lines

• Jul 18, 2019 - 16:50

When nudging notes on ledger lines I find that whereas the note head and stem can be nudged right or left the ledger line itself does not move; and I don't appear to be able to do anything about it! Any advice please?
Many thanks in anticipation...

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Your picture didn't help it was microscopic.

When you move a note, move the chord, and the entire notehead, stem and ledger line will move with the note. If you independently move the note head segment and the stem, the ledger line grows to keep the items on a ledger line.

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Many thank Mike,
What you say/write makes perfect sense, however, in spite of my efforts I cannot move a chord in one go!
When I select a chord The Inspector panel just shows "Element Group" set colour - visible etc etc.
Incidentally I am using MuseScore 2!
Thanks again

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Select a note in the chord-that is just click the notehead, but in the inspector (F8) use the chord section, not the segment section to move the chord. This works the same in both 2.3.2 and 3.2.3.

One slight modification to my first response. When I move the chord to the right the ledger line grows, when I move it to the left, the ledger line moves and stays the same size.

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Thank you Mike JoJo and one other,
No luck I'm afraid! Mike your point about moving left works - thanks - but only in respect of a single note and not a chord. Have tried selecting a note head and using the chord section in the inspector; the note I select moves to the right - which is what I want - the others notes then simultaneously move to the right! However the end result is a chord with one note out of sync with the others! In case its of any relevance I use a Mac; I expect your reference to "F8" Mike is for Windows. Also I wonder if I started this post wrong in referring to Nudging: I am more correctly trying to move a chord to the right! I am enclosing another screen shot hope it works. Assuming you can see it I am trying to move the chord on the 3rd beat to the right. Here's hoping...

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In order to understand and assist better, we'd need you to attach the score itself, not just a picture. It's correct that the chord section offset means all notes of the chords move together - if you want one note separated from the stem, use the note section instead. Can't imagine why you'd want that though.

From the looks of it, you shouldn't be needing to adust anything at all - the offsetting of voices should already be correct. I guess if you're stuck using MuseScore 2 because of old hardware, you might need to do do some adjusting of things to avoid collisions with the fingerings, but note the most recent updates to MuseScore 3 now support some older Macs, so I'd highly recommend updating if at all possible. Still, even in MuseScore 2, it should be possible, just a lot more work.

F8 is the shortcut for the Inspector on macOS as well as for Windows, BTW.

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Thank you, sincerely, Marc,
My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I really appreciate the effort that both yourself, and your companions, put into addressing the issues of users such as myself; thanks again.
Re my own "nudging issue" I am pleased to say that that is resolved to my complete satisfaction! Don't know exactly I how achieved it, but, achieve it I did and I know that I could do it again! I enclose i pic which shows the end result: the chords on the 3rd & 4th beats are nicely spaced apart from each other with plenty of room for the fingering to the left of the chord tones; perfect from my point of view!
Keep up the good work...

Bill Brady

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Thanks again,
Re screenshots: JM6stringer is showing 2 images "Before' and "After" of my issue and they are perfect on my screen; the "After" is what I wanted and now have!
Re moving a complete chord in one go: it seems that a complete chord will only move in one go if all the notes of that chord are in the same voice? Is that correct? Just adding one image in the hope that you can see: I did this one using the image capture tool! So here's hoping...

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The definition of "chord" is indeed, notes at the same time in the same vocie. Two voices = two chords. MuseScore 3 will move all chords at once, and also automatically create necessarily space for the fingerings so you won't even need to take advantage of that (and it closes up the space equally automatically if you do decide to manually adjust the fingerings themselves. Plus fingerings can easily be entered by pressing space to move form note to note. Pretty much night and day improvements, FWIW.

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