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• Jul 18, 2019 - 17:09

When playing back my score, all of the repeats play whether the "button" is pushed or not.


What version of MuseScore, and can you attach your score (see "Choose a file", below where you type your comment).

Be sure you are really using the "play repeats" button and not the "pan score automatically button, btw.

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Hi Marc, thank you for looking at this. I am using Musescore, revision d2d863f
I have checked to make sure that I am not accidentally pushing the "play repeats" button. It still occurrs on the first time a score is loaded. Sometimes the second time I play the score (NO other changes) it functions correctly. I am still trying to isolate the sequence in which this occurs. A very simple part with a repeat is attached as an example.

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Oh, yes, I sent the wrong one. Here is my example. I've been trying to recreate what I was experiencing. If I start Musescore, then play the file (with the repeat button turned off), it plays the repeats as if the button was turned ON. Then if I go ahead and turn it on, it plays the same way. Then if I turn it off.... it does NOT play the repeats. Strange. I have been able to replicate this. It's not the end of the world if I have to listen to the repeats, but it should work the way it is supposed to. Sorry to trouble you with a trivial matter. Chris

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OK, I just reset to factory settings. No change. If I start up the program and play my file with the repeat toggle off, it plays the repeats anyway. If I turn the repeat toggle on and play it, the repeats play (as normal). Then if I toggle the repeats back off, the repeats do not play (as is correct). So it has something to do with the repeat being off when the program is started and playing a file without toggling the repeat off or on.

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I don't know what else to tell you. I do understand the button and its function. It worked perfectly until an update about a month ago. I also had no trouble with it in Musescore 2, which I used prior to Musescore 3.
If I am the only one with this issue then I guess I will have to live with it. Thank you for your time.

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Are you using the "dark" theme? The look of that has changed, and maybe that is what is confusing you. Can you post a screenshot of what the button looks like for you right after a factory reset, when it should be enabled and thus repeats should be playing, and what it looks like after you click it, when it should be disabled and thus repeats should not be playing?

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Here are the screenshots. Button ON indicates that repeats should be played, and the button itself goes to a darker color. Button OFF indicates that repeats should NOT be played, and the button stays a lighter color consistent with the toolbar background.
I realize that I am a novice composer/arranger, and there is a lot about Musescore that I don't know. I didn't know there was an image capture option until I just came across it. How do I access "themes"? In looking through the menu bar I don't see it. What I am using is the default theme, I haven't changed it.

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I can reproduce.
It's not specific to your file, but indeed something off during initialization of MuseScore where it displays the playRepeat setting as disabled (button off & checkmark in preferences off), but still has its internal setting to on somehow.
Toggling either the button or the setting makes it pick up on the change.

For others to reproduce:
The key here is to close the final score with the repeats button off. Then open a score (or create a new one).
Playback will render that score as if the repeats button is on.

Check: Edit-> Preferences-> Advanced.

Is it marked (checked) here also?


I know that the setting here and the GUI setting overlap several times: eg: "Playback is normal, but the extracted MP3s do not match repeats." or vice versa.

It needs to be examined. I don't know exactly what applies under what condition. I work blindly in some areas.

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