Adding a bass line

• Jul 18, 2019 - 21:20

I am very new to musescore, although I've been composing for many years! I have just noted a very basic tune for a piano student but want to add a bass line. How do I achieve this? ie left hand chords with right hand tune.


Are you asking "how do you do this in MuseScore"? I'd suggest choose instruments voice and piano in the Instruments dialog (type i ) and write out the left-hand-chords and right-hand note by note as you want them played. If the question is "how do I compose a bass line?", that is a much harder question.

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Thanks BSG for your previous comment of "I can't really reconcile "I've been composing for many years!" and "How do I [add a bass line]"? What have you been composing, just "very basic tune"s? While the real answer is the entire subject of Western Harmony and Counterpoint for the last 600 years, "left hand chords" as you suggest might be a place to start. A very, very rudimentary bass line might be the roots of those chords. I'd like to direct you to Seth Monahan's excellent YouTube Course (free) on the basics of Harmony and Counterpoint as practiced in the West. I would also advise you to look at piano-and-voice arrangements of popular tunes (in real,paper music books, not MuseScore), and see what bass lines are all about."
Obviously you have difficulty reading basic English and your command of punctuation is abysmal!
Your second response was of more use although I had sorted out how to add one by the time you managed to answer! May I suggest you go and boil your head!

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