• Jul 21, 2019 - 21:21

Hi .My choral voice's (ahhs_) have started to distort on replay . I haven't come across this problem before so is there anything I can do to correct this ? Terry


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So, the choral voice's (ahhs) only distorts on notes 'here and there'.
Plus the pitch now also 'wanders'. (You didn't mention that before.)

It's best to attach a file demonstrating these issues (before things become more chaotic).
Please state your OS (operating system), what version of MuseScore, what soundfont.
Explain what notes distort and in what measures (rather than 'here and there').

Also, what do you mean by 'wanders'? Are you saying the pitch of a note changes to something other than what's written?
Are the 'wandering notes' also the 'here and there' distorted notes such that the distorted notes also 'wander'; or are the 'wandering notes' completely different notes?
Please point out in the score where these 'wandering' notes occur.

An exported wav or mp3 which demonstrates what you hear (audio file) - along with an explanation where you hear it - would also help. (You can zip the audio file, or change the file extension, to attach to your post.)


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As mentioned above, you can work around this by detuning one of the voices, or changing it to a different sound in the Mixer, or turning off playback. It's not a fault in the program but an unavoidable fact of life with synthesized sound: playing the same note with the same note twice at the same time can produce interesting audio artifacts as the waveforms interact with each other.

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