fingering line distances adjustable?

• Jul 26, 2019 - 11:52

As titled with attached, the circled fingerings were inuput by "2, Enter, 2, Enter, 1, Esc", the line distances between these three number were too big, is it possible to reduce them, so they are closer to each other stacked?


That's not the right way to attach multiple fingerings to a chord. You'll be limited to whatever the line spacing set in the font is, and there will be no way to adjust anything. Instead, you should add the fingerings individually to each note. Easiest way is to press Space rather than Enter. The default spacing will still be fixed, but it will be closer than what is shown above, so you probably won't need to adjust - but just as importantly, you'll be able to adjust them individually if necessary.

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Thanks Marc, This is great, new with MS3, AP works well, i still used old way with MS2.
I find to move them as a group, I need Ctr+click, and then click arrow next to "X" in the inspector and manually type -1.25 to fine tune them to the place, this is very slow for a lot of chords to be editing. Is there a quicker way, like by default they are all selected after entry wthout Ctrl+click and hot keys eg. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+arrow are to be uesd to move this default grouped fingers?

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You don't need to type into the field, you can also use the arrow keys or button. Also, immediately after entering a fingering, you can press Esc and move it with arrows. Not sure what else you'd be looking for. There are lots of ways of selecting multiple elements at once in MuseScore, fingerings are no different than other element types. E.g, select a range, right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements.

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