In Advanced Palette the '...' and '....' should be replaced with the system break and page break symbols

• Jul 27, 2019 - 15:20

I understand you can create your own palettes. But very few people do.

I am sure many more people use the system break and page break symbols than the extremely rare '...' after a note and the even more archaic '....' after a note.

Seriously think about making this change. The default palettes are setup for the most used terminology.

        ... .... : system break page break ::  guessing all the numbers correctly in the Powerball : correctly guessing a coin flip.


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There is no formatting toolbar for section breaks and so forth. Perhaps there should be. What you are pointing at is the note entry toolbar where the icons make sense. These are put in only the advanced toolbar so people who want them can easily access them. I personally only use custom workspaces and these symbols have been removed from my toolbar since I very rarely use them.

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As for the augmentation dots, we didn't get daily requests for them, and they have existed as long as I have used the program (version 1.3?), but we did get a lot of requests for them. We used to tell people to create a shortcut for them, now we tell them to open the advanced workspace.

I don't know how much code would be required to make it happen, but I think a formatting toolbar might make sense. I would actually use that one, especially section breaks and spacers. The only other toolbar I use much is the file operations and then mostly for changing between page views and zooming.

Last of all, everyone uses a subset of the program. I learn a lot from hearing how others use the program.

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I would say it makes no sense to put formatting symbols on the note input toolbar. Those symbols are already on the palette, and the shortcuts for them are pretty obvious (Enter and Ctrl+Enter, same as in pretty much every other program), so I'm not thinking they would make good candidates to add to a toolbar by default anyhow.

But we certainly could consider a user-customizable toolbar that is not the note input toolbar or other of the other predefined ones, but that simply allowed for random palette elements to be placed there.

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Ah, you're talking about the toolbar and the trupl/quatruple augmenztation dots.
Thoas are indeed part of the advanced workspace.
I don't think adding system- and/or page breaks there is possible (currently), but them having decent shortcuts, Return and Shift+Return, seems very sufficient to me.

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No way... you can use the return and shift return. Are you kidding me.
I didn't even know that.
That is unbelievable. I am not going to tell you how long I have been using this program, and just now I am learning keyboard shortcuts.
Well, with that being the case, it isn't as necessary. But I still think you want them in the palette due to there extremely high usage. And when you are first learning how to use Musescore, you are going to be using the palette not the shortcuts.

I would go so far as to say they should be included in the basic palette as well...

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I always use them. I naturally syncopate almost all my melodies, so I try to adjust the breaks not to bust up tied notes.
I assumed everyone used these all the time.
Also, I like having a set amount of measures per line. Usually 3 - 5 measures depending on the piece. Keeps it very uncluttered, and easy to read.
But with 1st and second endings, pick up measures, tied notes, and lyrics, I don't see how you can't use the manual breaks?

I don't think this is an odd occurrence? I would think the majority of composers would manually break each line, not use the default.

Its really hard to tell what other people do. I think you should try a formatting bar in the palette. See what the reaction is.

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To add breaks every three bars, use Tools / Add/Remove System Breaks.

The norm when creating scores would be to fit as much music on the page as possible, so you let the breaks fall where they may. Then when you generate parts, you would indeed go in and fine tune breaks.
But again, Enter is so much easier than a toolbar already, and it takes zero space. In fact, when I'm in that mode, I generally hide the toolbars so I can have the maximum available working space.

You might ask, what harm would it do, and the answer is, it wastes space, which is already in short supply for many of us (we don't all work on 21" screens). I would guess the majority of people use, say, dynamics far more than breaks. or probably a dozen other things. These are all already on the palette, so again, I just can't see the benefit in stealing room just to duplicate something that is already in easy reach.

But a customizable toolbar where everyone can put their own favorites there could be nice, as I said. That way, I could close the palettes window and keep just the custom toolbar open.

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