Does anyone know how to make notes fade out.

• Jul 27, 2019 - 20:49

Ive been trying to make the end of a note fade out to make it sound better. does anyone know how to do that?


Use a hairpin or dynamic line. In the inspector (F8) there is a field called Velocity change. Set this number to the velocity for the dynamic before the haripin or line and the note will fade.

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Just realize that once the note fades, you have to restore the dynamic volume with a new dynamic mark for the next note. Otherwise, the faded note volume will continue into the next measure. For example, in this example below, the Db note in the first measure has a p dynamic mark of about velocity 45 (volume 45). When the Eb note in measure 4 plays at a volume of 45, the hairpin will reduce it to zero by the end of the measure if you type "45" in the "velocity change" field in the hairpin inspector. However, the next note in measure 5, the high Db, will still have a volume of 0 and won't sound at all, unless you insert a new p dynamic under it to reset the volume back to normal.
Screenshot 2021-04-28 155907.png

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