Exporting score and parts with different sizes

• Aug 4, 2019 - 14:44

I have a score whose size is 22 cm x 34 cm, but its parts are A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm). When I use the "Export parts..." feature from the Files menu requesting PDF format I find that, besides a number of PDF files containing the parts, a Score_and_Parts PDF is generated, but the page size is uniformly equal to A4, so the bottom staves of the score have been trimmed out. The parts are correct.
Is this a bug?
Is there some way to set MuseScore to generate a correct Score_and_parts file?
I don't mean the simple (but annoying) workaround of removing the faulty score and replacing it with the PDF export of the score alone using third-party software, but to natively accomplish so within MuseScore.


What version? I recall a bug like this in earlier 3.x versions, but it should be correct in 3.2.3. If not, please attach score so we can investigate.

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So you're saying the part itself reports it is letter sized, and presumably the individual part PDF's are also letter sized, but the combined score+parts PDF is legal throughout? That shouldn't happen, as mentioned. Can you attach the score and the PDF so we can investigate? Aso, try the release candidate for 3.6 (link is on main page of this site), which adds new options for export, including the ability to only create the combined PDF. I just tried and this worked as expected for me.

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