Create->Text->Poet not working

• Aug 9, 2014 - 20:54

Trying to put a box on an existing score to add a poet (lyricist). This has only worked once for me in 1.3. Tried it again last night on three or four different scores. No text box of any kind appeared. I had to create a system text box and populate that to get something in which to put the information. I don't see any specifics of how to create a lyricist box other than the menu sequence in the subject line. Any ideas as to why this might happen? Thanks, all.


Are you adding this and filling it in when you are initializing the score and following the path (New score or from template, etc.etc.)?

As usual, posting the score you having problems with and the exact step by step instructions to reproduce the problem would be necessary in order be able to be of much help.

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