My MuseScore Files From Previous Installation Don't Open On The New Installation

• Aug 10, 2019 - 19:37

My MuseScore Files From Previous Installation Don't Open On The New Installation.

Why? How to fix that?

Example file;

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Sorry I see the original files below the folder.

Those backup files create a mess. I've havent seen so far that kind of files. (MS Word, Excel, Guitar Pro etc.)

If you create a word document it creates only one file. Likewise on other softwares.

It would have been better there was no backup files.

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Yes. But for the record - many other programs do usually create backup files. And you shouldn't be normally be seeing these files, asthey are marked "hidden". Only if for some reason you have enabled the display of hidden files in your scores folders would you ever see the backups. Sounds like you must have done that at some point, but rather than constantly deleting these useful files, I'd recommend just turning off display of hidden files again.

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Same way you made them unhidden, presumably. Details depend on your OS. Again, they should have been hidden by default - you must have at some point in the past forced them not to be (perhaps years ago, before you were even using MuseScore, who knows). In Windows, the options are in Windows Explorer, I assume macOS Finder has similar options, as do the file managers for each Linux distribution.

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Did you manually associate the .mscz, files with MuseScore? If you did, you need to unassociate the files because MuseScore won't open the file unless the , is taken off of the suffix. If the file is not associated with a program it won't use that program's icon.

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You mention something about a "previous installation" - do you mean these files were copied over from another computer? If so, maybe something about how you did the copy resulted in them no longer being marked as hidden. If so, y9ubcan either mark them hidden now or delete them, and future backups should still be hidden correctly.

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The hidden files are associated with MuseScore 3 and they should not be. MuseScore does not do this automatically. It would be far less confusing, even if for some reason the scores were visible, if they were not incorrectly associated with MuseScore 3. It seems someone went to effort to make them visible and identify them as MuseScore files.

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