Bug report: Tremolo

• Aug 13, 2019 - 16:35

In Version 2.3.2 when I put a one-note-tremolo on a small chorded note (when I tick the box "small chord"-box (there stands "Akkord" (german for chord) and then there is the box with "klein" (small) to tick at the inspector)) or also when I first put the tremolo on the note and then select it and tick the box "small chord" the tremolo sign stays in the normal size. In erlier versions the tremolo sign went small to, what I prefer for cue notes.
I'll attache two files to compare it. Have a look at rehearsal H and a few bars before rehearsal P.
The Kl1-file was made with an earlier version (and small tremolos on the cue notes), The Kl2 file is made with Version 3.2.3.

Attachment Size
WAB 26-3,4 Kl1 b.pdf 137.21 KB
WAB 26-3,4 Kl2 b.pdf 136.27 KB


If I understand correctly, you want the tremolo mark to be rendered correctly in the pdf file. Does it look okay in the mcsz file in both Musescore versions, or just the older one?

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