default size of coda and segno

• Aug 16, 2019 - 04:39

The coda and segno symbols from the Repeats and Jumps palette seem way too small to me vs. what I've seen on paper over the years. On my system they purport to be 20pt. text; they are indeed about the same height as 20pt. plain text, but on account of their design and function they look comparatively tiny nonetheless. The box around a default-style rehearsal mark (14pt. text) is also about the same height; are coda and segno not generally a bit larger (perhaps quite a bit larger) than rehearsal marks? Is this normal default behavior or have I broken something?

I am seeking and not finding a global setting (I know how to edit them individually) for these sizes, e.g. in Format>Style... Is there one?


FWIW, both symbols are about half a staff height tall at the default size in the default font, which is actually pretty standard, font designers make them that size. But it's definitely true that some publisher make them more like a full staff height or even more (especially in jazz). So, if you prefer them oversized, you can increase the default height via the Repeat Text Left/Right text styles as mentioned.

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Thanks, I see those text styles but I'm not seeing what is essentially "Left" about coda and segno signs, I'm not sure what else I've altered by changing the "Repeat Text Left" style to 32 pt. size, and actually I did not knowingly change that text style but rather selected a segno marker, increased the size, and, clicked the "Set as Style" icon in the Inspector (all per advice dispensed above). I just searched for "repeat text left" in the handbook (exact phrase search in quotation marks) and got no results. The "Repeats and Jumps" page of the handbook refers to these symbols as "Markers" and does not address sizing/formatting/text styles. When you right-click one in Musescore, it is called a "Marker" there as well. Would it make more sense to have a text style called "Markers" effecting the symbols listed under that heading in the handbook?

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Coda and Segno symbols both appear at the left of side of the measure. Whereas To DS, DC, To Coda, and Fine appear at the right side. In the past there was only a single text style, but it's more flexible to break it up this way.

Set as style changes the text style actually assigned to the element, so for coda and segno, it affects Repeat Text Left indeed. The name of the current text style is displayed in the Inspector.

The problem with using jump & marker for this is that the distinction is about behavior, not about layout. In theory there can be markers both to the left and the right.

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Re: left/right, got it, thank you, that is an important distinction. Perhaps this terminology could be added to the handbook? I can't seem to find it in there.

Re: text styles, the Inspector also calls these Markers, not Repeat Text Left, so again, I wasn't able to figure out which text style I was actually changing. Seems like this ought to be made consistent one way or the other.

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Jojo, people like you and me are fine with different terminologies in different places for the same thing. Others, who are less familiar with music, computer notation or English may have difficulties recognizing that markers and repeat text are synonymous. Perhaps we should rethink how these are labelled. Perhaps we should put the word Marker in parentheses after the words "Repeat text" or even change it to "Repeat Marker" in the style settings. In English, calling it a "Repeat Marker" would sound fine to me. I do like that when the marker is clicked it is identified as such in the status bar, it makes diagnosing problems people upload a little easier.

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Well, Markers and Repeat Text Left is non synonymous...
There's Markers and Jumps, all Jumps have the style "Repeat Text Right", but some Markers (To Coda and Fine) are too, the others (basically all those using glyphs) have "Repeat Text Left".
So maybe "Repeat Glyph" and "Repeat Text" would be the better wording?

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What is a Repeat text left then? My expectation is that the items in the Repeats and Jumps palette, except repeat bars, that appear on the left side of the measure are the Repeat Text Left and those that appear on the right side are Repeat Text Right, please correct me if I'm wrong. Even though by default the items appearing on the left side of the measure is limited to segno signs and coda signs, these are still editable text and all of these are jump markers. Why not just be consistent and call them markers everywhere?

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