realtime automatic note entry fails with some instruments.

• Aug 16, 2019 - 10:52
Reported version
S3 - Major

1) create a new score with a piano and an accoustic bass (in that order).
2) enter notes using automatic realtime entry mode. (everything should work as expected)
3) open up the instrument editor and make accoustic bass the top instrument.
4) attempt enter notes using automatic entry mode. For me it's as if note off events are not being read, the track keeps advancing, notes can be added but never turn off.

This also happens with just an Accoustic bass in the file.
It happens with Alsa and Jack modes on Manjaro Linux using either alsa or jack midi.
it is unaffected by a factory reset of Musescore


Reported version 3.2 3.6

I have a similar problem – MIDI input does not work in special input modes (re-pitch, realtime) with any transposing instrument – when I press key on keyboard a wild note somewhere down in the register appears, or is added to a note that is already there (when using re-pitch) after few strokes ceases to function completely.

Frequency Few Many
Reported version 3.2 3.6

I use a Midi keyboard to enter my scores. Automatic real-time mode works well if my instrument is in Ut. On the other hand, if I choose a transposing instrument (Alto sax in this case), instead of displaying the note played on the keyboard, MuseScore first displays the "real" note(f.i. I Play C on my keyboard and Muse score notes Eb an octave lower) , then a chord is made up of the first and the second note, and so on. All chords are linked by an extension link.
In addition, to return to normal operation I have to quit and relaunch MuseScore.
I have a workaround (input in C, transposition, then change of instrument) but it's heavy
My technical environment:
Computer: iMac processor intel i5 - OS Big on 11.2.3
Midi keyboard: AKAI LPK 25 Wireless
Musescore version