My Score Will Not Process

• Aug 19, 2019 - 16:33

I've been trying since last night to upload a score, and it refuses to process. I've deleted and tried to upload on 3 separate occasions.


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The score was created in version 3.1. There are at times corruptions in 3.1 scores that 3.2.3 does not see. Looking through the score I don't see where this might be. I tried saving the score as 3.2.3 and deleting the picture and that didn't seem to help.

BTW, it's the score that's the problem not your user account.

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It didn't work on my account. I've been marking the score as private to avoid any copyright issues.

There was talk the other day on Telegram about the new procedures for uploading scores.

After some delay, the version 2 score finished processing. I tried one of my own scores and it's stuck in processing mode.

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It looks like PNG export hangs, that is likely to prevent from processing the score properly. I have a fix for the issue so will submit it shortly.

Concerning the possible immediate workarounds, the issue is caused by some lyrics at page 5 so slight rearrangement of that lyrics seems to be able to work around the issue. I attached a score with a system break added after measure 58 which pushes all the nearby lyrics to the 5th page. This score doesn't cause PNG export to hang so it is likely to behave correctly on upload as well (although I didn't check it).

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I don't understand:
You have sent a question to "" about "why my score remains in the process".
and they answer to you: "ask this to the "" forum".???

This is impossible in many ways.

Maybe they said, "Your score has an error, ask the org forum how to fix it"?

Even here again the answer is not complete.
For example: Where is the error, How can I fix this; They did not answer these questions?

And please know this:
Most of the volunteers in the forum do not know employees at
Most of the employees at do not know the volunteers on the forum.

that is, or sites are not subordinate or parent branches of each other.
One has salaried employees (this is .com site), other has the free volunteers, contributors (this is .org site).

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