Subscription cancellation on due date

• Aug 19, 2019 - 19:07

Trying to cancel a subscription on the due date but Musescore has already taken payment and just keeps sending replies saying contact google or apple. I didn’t get it from them but got trial directly from Musescore. I want immediate refund as was not due end trial until today but can’t get hold of any direct person. Will have to refer to my bank as a dispute unless I can get some help/refund. Has anyone else had this problem?


Check the terms and conditions of the trial (assuming there is one) to see how they consider the end-of-trial day. Is it at the end, or on the day? And when does the trial start: when you hand over your details, or at the end of the first day when some bank transactions might be done in bulk.
The lesson for this and any other subscription service is: don't wait till the last day to cancel unless you see in writing how they consider that last day. And a bank dispute will go nowhere if the bank contacts musescore and they explain how the last day is handled for a 'free' trial. You hear so many bad stories about 'free trials' where you have to first enter your credit card number - usually where the business goes MIA when you try to contact them to cancel. I wouldn't go near a free trial that made me put in my credit card number first, too many of them are simply too sketchy.

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By the way, the (domain based in Texas, USA, business based in Russia apparently) 'free trial' purchasing screens state you must cancel your renewal before the 7th day ie. day 6 or earlier. This is spelt out clearly in the purchasing screen, so if you waited until day 7, you were too late. Most banks would not issue a chargeback to the supplier in your case - if they check the site, they'll see has met its contractual obligation to you.

com does not react to mails. My settings page does not work. No contact to com, According to new European law automatic extension of subscription without consent given is not allowed, illegal.. and since com is not accessible I can reclaim any debit without problem. This musescore is not the one I signed up for.

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"According to new European law automatic extension of subscription without consent given is not allowed, illegal.. and since com is not accessible I can reclaim any debit without problem"
Indeed, but that doesn't seem to be the case hear, if you mean by 'due date' the last day of the trial. state their refund policy (dates required to cancel by - namely before day 7) quite clearly on the site. Unless your bank doesn't check the conditions of the purchase from the website, I wouldn't be hopeful of getting a refund - they have met their contractual obligation. Not contacting you after your contact is not good form, but a completely separate issue to your one. is based in Russia apparently, I doubt an EU law would be relevant in that jurisdiction.

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Russian company ?...anyway, I am out, with the new effect that some of my scores are hidden. Never mind, going to check Sibelius. Too much hazzle , tohoowabohooo, confusion...good program though, but this is probably in spite of .com., to the credit of org, ..........., European law goes for any business with in bounds of Europe, see facebook, google, ......still waiting for the refund

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No doubt, musescore is a great program and I have/had great fun with it. Maybe there are too many cooks, and maybe it was published too soon, maybe the left does not know what the right hand is doing, a pity. Maybe some day I will sign up again if the dust has settled and things found their way. WYSIWYG and some sort of stability and reliability.

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Just to clarify again, as you don't seem to grasp what Jojo was saying to you.
MuseScore is a completely free notation software, it doesn't have a subscription or a Pro version at all. When looking at Sibelius, this is the product you're comparing with.

The online score sharing platform does have a subscription and afaik no other notation software company has a comparable online score sharing platform. However, you don't need the online platform to be able to use any/all features of the notation software. They are two different entities.

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