corrupted files, over and over.

• Aug 22, 2019 - 07:40

Lately, after the recent update to V. 3, I cannot create a finished score. It's repeatedly getting corrupted. I've fixed this same corruption at least a dozen time over the last two days and not gotten a final yet.


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Version, which the program says is the latest version. Windows 10 Home, Build 17763.678.
I don't know when it happens. It may happen before closing because I think I get scores that show the corruption before closing. But I'm not sure. I thought maybe the system had been up for too long, but a reboot really didn't take care of it.
A key feature of the corruption is that there will be very noticeable issues in an individual part that are not in the instrument in the score, and/or vice versa. I've been able to temporarily 'fix' it by copying and pasting from one to the other, but some similar issue soon returns, and sometimes adjacent measures get altered while doing so.
In this score it's always the flute part (top line) that has the trouble.
I added a screenshot of the Details to see if you get the same errors.
Len Bates
PS: For some reason, I've been able to get successful saves for several times, starting in the middle of last night. Maybe I exhausted the Gremlin!

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