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• Aug 11, 2014 - 00:12

I am arranging a medley for Saxophone Quartet, but I have come to the end of the first song, and am transitioning to the second, which changes from concert C to concert Eb keys. When I insert the change to the lines it works, however, if I click the Concert Pitch button it starts changing the music previous to the key change to different keys, not even necessarily Eb it would seem. The more times I change between transposed and concert pitch, the further from what it should be it gets. Everything after the key change stays in Eb, but before it the lines all change around keys. It's really weird and I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong, or if this is a glitch in the system... but I'd like a fix so I can continue arranging this piece! Thanks in advance!


It's impossible to say for sure unless you attach the score here and give steps to reproduce the problem.

I can say that one or two people have reported similar things, but it seems to work for most people. Are oyu on MacOS? That's one thing the people with the problem have in common, but it doesn't affect everyone with Macs, either. See, which also describes a workaround.

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First shot is how it should be with transposition and no key change, second is in concert pitch but no key change, third is after I inserted the key change in concert pitch but without changing between the modes at all, fourth is concert pitch after changing between concert pitch and transposed a few times, leaving it obviously wrong as it's concert pitch and the instruments aren't all in the same key... as they should be, and the last is after going back out of concert pitch, leaving me with the correct keys coming out of the change, but only soprano and bari are in the correct keys before the change, alto and tenor are wrong. All I did was drag the new key to the measures on the score, unless that is incorrect procedure, I'm assuming this is a weird glitch?

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Not much anyone can do from just a picture - we'd need the actual score. As I said before, if you were on a Mac, you might just be one of the people who runs into this bug, and in that case, the workaround suggested in the thread I linked to should help. But you'd be the first person I've heard of running in this on PC.

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