Accordion Font

• Aug 23, 2019 - 03:22


Is it possible to please include several more real accordion fonts in musescore?

The one that is in musescore is not good.

The start of a note has a slight but noticeable delay and is then often quite abrupt, especially in the lower scales and it even more noticeable when playing chords. Not at all like real accordions!

I have played my accordions on a semi-profecional level since I was 10 and I am now 77, so I know what real accordions do sound like!



find an accordion soundfont online. Look for accordion soundfonts. As long as the soundfont ends in .sf2 it will work in MuseScore and there is no danger downloading it.

I'm an accordeonist and never use the accordion sound from MuseScore.
It doesn't even sound like a musical instrument but rather like a beast from the hell ready to die.
I only use violin or piano MuseScore sound.

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I didn't take any action to complete it as I couldn't get any feedback or response. // Accomplishment depends on compliments. Meaning: If I'm not going to make money from it (that's not my purpose anyway), what will I get in return (other than compliments or appreciation)?
If you liked it, I can work on it to complete this sound-font.

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