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Handbook says highlight the measures where the accel should occur, then hit plugins to select temp change.

BUT...when I hit plugins, no options are available. Just see plugin manager or creator.

No options to change anything.



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The first link is to the plugin. You must download the plugin for version for your version of MuseScore. Version 3 did not support these plugins until 3.2, so you must have that as a minimum.

The second link explains how to use a plugin. You must follow those instructions.

MuseScore does not have a built-in facility for accelerando, rellentando and the such, so you must use a plug in. Someone recently mentioned a desire to make this built in, but has not happened as of yet. Perhaps sometime soon it will, but there are no guarantees yet.

To make using plugins easier, a student spent the past summer writing code so it's less confusing to add a plugin, but that has not yet been sufficiently tested and included in a release yet. I do expect to see that in a release before long.

In reply to by Marc Sabatella talks generically about plugins but doesn't mention tempo change nor where to pick up that particular plugin.

Meanwhile, this next URL implies there IS a tempochange plugin:

This plugin uses the hidden tempo texts technique to simulate tempo changes such as accelerando and ritradando in MuseScore. The technique itself is taken straight out of the online handbook.

How does it work?
Select the range of notes over which the tempo change has to take place
Open up the plugin from Plugins - TempoChanges


Still completely baffled.

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The first link explains not just about plugins generally, but gives very specific directions on how to install them.

The second link is for the tempochanges plugin specific. Towards the bottom of the page is the link to download it, after which you need to follow the instructions in the first link (and that first link is also reproduced in the page for the tempochanges plugin itself, so really, everything you need you can get from that one page).

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Finally found the plugin. Was not really clear that's what this was. Now will download it.

At the very bottom of the page:
Download and Install
For installation see Plugins.

MuseScore 3
Tested on MuseScore 3.0.5. Does not work on lower 3.x versions

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I do apologize if that seemed unclear to you; however I indeed expect people to at least read the headers of the page, which line out to be:
How does it work?
How does it really work?
Download and Install

The Download header thus is the 2nd biggest thing on that page, the only thing bigger is the actual title with the name of the plugin itself.
The page is structured that way so people at least have a small notion of what they're downloading before they do so; for those not reading text it even has some nice screenshots.

The only thing one could argue about imo is the order of Translations being before the Download option; then again, it makes the download option as easy as "scroll down and click". And since I really value the effort of the volunteers providing the translations, I find it appropriate one has to at least skim over their names when scrolling towards the download section.

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