How to play different instrument on same system

• Aug 27, 2019 - 16:09

Good evening, I'm in need of help.
On the score, which I send, by the Tenor, you will find two different voices. I would like to have a different instrument per voice. Is this possible and if yes, how is it done.


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The 'instrument' used needs to have different channels setup, for each of which you can have different sounds.
See for ecample the 'instruments' "Women" and "Men", but also almost all strings and most brass.

I've manually tweaked your score to have 2 channels for Tenor

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Extract the mscx from the mscz (like 7Zip), open with any plain text editor of your choice (I use vim, Notpad++ should work too) and search for "Channel". See how it is done in the score I sent, do it the same for another.
Basically duplicate the (entire) Channel definition and give it a name. Once done move the mscx back into the mscz. Then add a staff text and via its properties assign voices to those channels, then in Mixer assign sounds to them.

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Merci, yes this puzzles me quit a bit.
First difficulty, how to extract mdcx from mscz.
Second, do I have to install 7zip?
Third, I use a macbook Air and I could not vim or Notpad++
These are my first three questions, but if you think it will be too complicated, forget about it.
Thanks anyway.

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It's me again, I have advanced, I found mscx file. And I tried to install vim on my Macbook, this was not possible, I contacted apple for help but without success. There is a vim option program available on Appstore, is that the same?

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Sorry Jojo, I was away on holiday.
So I looked and compared, your modified and the original version, in order to make things easier, I only took the first 5 measures. And I succeeded, but it is a long and time consuming job, I had to make modifications in 4 or 5 different places. Honestly I don't think I could do it on my own.
It might be a good idea to make the job easier.
Thanks a lot and till we meet again.

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