will Musescore run in linux

• Sep 2, 2019 - 15:46

I am considering changing my operating system to Linux. Will Musescore run in Linux?


I installed Ubuntu Studio 64-bit and MS worked fine. Lately I have been using the AppImages and they run without problems (apart from any internal program bugs which are continually being fixed). You can create a bootable USB or DVD and try Linux before fully committing. You can also dual-install should you ever need your old OS for anything - I have Windows on one SSD and Ubunto Studio on another with a 4TB HDD for main storage although I only rarely use Windows now.

A certain irony in this question in that MuseScore began life only for Linux, and several of the core developers are using Linux. Anyhow, the Linux support isn't an afterthought. Only issue with Linux support has been the number of different distros out there and the difficulty of keeping up with packages for them all, but this is pretty much solved now by using the AppImage system.

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